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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Zuckerberg on Facebook's Future

Zuckerberg on Facebook's Future - In a conversation with, the social networking site's CEO holds forth on recent hires and going public
"What are your plans for an IPO? I gather this may not happen until 2010. Why are some of the most promising Web companies, like Facebook, Slide, and LinkedIn taking longer to go public these days?

We're not even thinking about an IPO right now. I know the guys who run Slide and LinkedIn, and they're smart. In the past, a lot of companies viewed it as their goal to go public. We're focused on building a company for the long term, something that can really deliver a lot of value for everyone. Going public is a secondary thing, and we'll do it when it makes sense for us.

What's your perspective on the outlook for the online advertising? Some experts predict a slowdown in revenue growth and question the efficacy of advertising on social networks in general.

We just launched the last iteration of our online advertising product in November. I can't speak to broader market trends as a whole, but we're in a rapid growth phase right now. Even if there is some broader slowdown, we'll continue to grow over the next year. All the metrics we're seeing point in a positive direction."

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